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We use many muscles to talk. These include muscles in our face, lips, tongue, and throat, as well as muscles for breathing. It is harder to talk when these muscles are weak. Dysarthria happens when you have weak muscles due to brain damage. It is a motor speech disorder and can be mild or severe.

If you have dysarthria you may:

- Have "slurred" or "mumbled" speech that can be hard to understand.

- Speak slowly.

- Talk too fast.

- Speak softly.

- Not be able to move your tongue, lips, and jaw very well.

- Sound robotic or choppy.

- Have changes in your voice. You may sound hoarse or breathy. Or, you may sound like you have a stuffy nose or are talking out of your nose. (

Dysarthria is treatable even in severe cases. Do not delay though...the sooner you treat dysarthria the more progress you can make more quickly. Call us today for an appointment.

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