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Guiding children and adults with tongue restriction to optimal outcomes!
My clients want answers. They want to know if their symptoms are related to a tie or not. Their doctors often tell them their problems are ‘normal’ or unrelated to ties but they feel there may be a connection. They are desperate for symptom relief. It makes them feel overwhelmed and they don’t know where to start. I felt the same barriers with my daughter’s care.....until I discovered her tie.
Let's work together to start eliminating your persisting symptoms! 

Work with speech therapy and orofacial myology professionals in Mooresville NC area.

Myofunctional and Speech Therapy

16501 Northcross Dr Ste D

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Huntersville, NC

Teletherapy available for NC and SC residents!


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I am here to listen whether you have one symptom or many. I have helped others just like you identify the incorrect chewing, swallowing, and tongue movement patterns which impact function, helping them breathe better, sleep better, swallow easier, and speak more clearly. I am excited to help you too! Call and I’ll guide you in developing a treatment plan addressing your individual symptoms in less time.


Let’s get started on your path to improved health and less discomfort today. Call 704-800-5232. No one should settle for feeling just good enough. Imagine if you could begin reducing years of symptoms and pain in just a few months. It’s possible! Call 704-800-5232 now! From currently unaddressed symptoms to waking up energized, improvements are just a call away.


I can work with you on an individualized plan to optimize your treatment. I am passionate about treating the underlying structure and function rather than just the symptoms. Collaborative care is also essential to maximizing outcomes. Invest in yourself or your child now, with a whole body approach, to prevent lifelong compensations and discomforts that are affecting your overall health and well being! It is a partnership to success. You must commit to put in the time and work doing a home program. Let's start your journey to eliminating your challenges with sleep, breathing, neck and shoulder tension, chewing, swallowing, and speech!

Take a look at what the American Speech and Hearing Association has to say about how orofacial myofunctional disorders and their potential impact on speech:

"An incorrect oral rest posture of the tongue and lips can result in the tongue initiating speech productions from an abnormal rest position. In such situations, correcting the OMD can positively impact the correction of speech production errors."

You can read the rest of this article here.  For more information about speech disorders or OMDs, check out the resources we have put together.

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