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Expert Pediatric Feeding Help


Melanie Potock

Excellent blog on a variety of pediatric feeding topics such as:
-The 6 Types of Picky Eater—And How to Get Them to Eat
-When Do You Teach Your Baby To Use A Spoon? Sooner Than You Think
-Sippy Cups: 3 Reasons to Skip Them and What to Offer Instead
-Tongue Tie: Why I Can’t Wait for the Research
-The Great Pouch Debate: Pros, Cons and Compromising

Expert Pediatric Feeding Help
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Did you know babies should be weaned from the bottle at 1 year of age to prevent impact on facial growth and development? Are you finding it hard for your little one to transition off the bottle?
Yes! Contact us for help with the transition.

Did you know modern snack foods for children are often softer, or crunchy foods that dissolve easier, which results in weaker muscles?
Use food pouches very sparingly. Your child should be chewing hard crunchy foods on their back teeth.

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